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Product parameter
7 m鲁 hook loader garbage truck
Whole vehicle
DataSupplier brandHongyu
Chassis brandDongfeng brand
Drive type4X2,left or right side
Overall dimension6300脳2200脳2500 mm
Wheelbase3800 mm
G.V.W/Kerb weight8275/5080 KG
Max.speed100 km/h
ChassisFuel typeDiesel
Engine brand锛坥ptional锛?/p>Dongfeng 3856 ML-96 KW
Emission standard (Optional)Euro III,IV, V
Approach/departure angle24/14掳
Front axle loading weight3310 KG
Rear axle loading weight4965 KG
Tyre number6 tyres
Tyre specification 7.50R16LT,14PR
SuperstructureWaste box capacity7-8 m鲁
On-board accessories: 1 set of on-board tools,vehicle instructions, maintenance manual
OptionalDifferent brand engine,option cabin per chassis.
Product description
The working principle and structure of the Dongfeng brand hook loader garbage truck (dump garbage truck) is below,The hook loader garbage truck is equipped with an Subframe on the chassis, a garbage bin on the Subframe and a hoisting device. The main hydraulic cylinder of the pull arm is the main transmission device for lifting and unloading waste. Controlling its expansion and contraction can complete the working process of lifting garbage bin, unloading garbage and unloading the empty garbage bin. One end of the main hydraulic cylinder of the pull arm is connected to the rear end of the Subframe near the cabin rear end, and the other end is connected to the pull arm.
The truck can pull the garbage in the underground garbage bin and the garbage bin together to the truck for transportation and at the same time can dump itself, thus reducing the worker's.
Labor intensity. The garbage collection and transportation mode of this garbage truck is widely used in the world at present. It can achieve one truck with Multi-purpose box.
The Multi-purpose box greatly reduces the cost,space of equipment and so on. The functions of its special devices are powered by automobile engines, passing through the hydraulic pressure mechanism by manual or electronic control. the garbage box is fully sealed and welded with high strength and heavy weight Carbon steel plate.
Its advantages is light weight and no secondary pollution.
The basic performance of the garbage truck is the same as the original Dongfeng chassis truck. Users can refer to the manual of the original chassis truck.
1. It integrates loading, transportation and self-unloading. no need auxiliary equipment and is easy to operate.
2. One truck with many boxes, cyclic transportation, improve the efficiency of vehicle use, reduce costs;
3. The hook arm system with a complete sets of equipment, which is safe and reliable, light weight and high loading quality.
4. The hook arm system adopts the sliding arm articulated structure, which has the advantages of convenient hooking, simple maintenance, small lifting and unloading box body height, and saving length and space.
5. The alarm device connecting chassis and mobile garbage compression box body is set up to ensure that the hook arm system can not unload the box body before the hydraulic quick joint and the box body are detached. Even if the operator misoperate, the safety of the hydraulic pipeline can be ensured
About our service
1. Advanced technology. Our company imports advanced technology from abroad, uses powerful parametric, variable mechanical simulation, finite element analysis and feature-based three-dimensional mechanical design software for product development and design.
2. Our factory has complete production equipment and technology. The whole production and testing process can be controlled by us. The annual average production capacity more than 20,000 units. The production plan arrangement is standardized and reasonable, and the production and assembly capacity space is vast. It can meet the customers' requirements of fast delivery.
3. Our plant is located in Suizhou City, Hubei Province, near Wuhan City, the central area of China. It has convenient transportation to arrives at China major ports of for delivery. It is more short distance, fast time and lower freight cost.
4. We have a Professional five-star after-sales team solves all kinds of questions for customers, and provides timely and professional answers to customers' questions. All the whole Vehicle and parts are supply by us. We prepare hundreds of kinds of famous brand accessories for the vehicle so that customers to choose and purchase at any time,can solve customers' worries in future and meet customers' one-stop procurement needs.
About The maintenance
1. During the running-in stage, the new truck runs within 1500-2500 km and unloads within 900 times of lifting box (pusher) ,The loading quantity shall be 70% of the rated load quality, and not to trampled the engine throttle with manganese during unloading.
2. After the cylinder working 300 times , all working oil should be replaced. Turn on the oil release plug of the hydraulic tank and add new oil from the top oil hole, then started the engine, and try to operate the each cylinder twice to confirm its reliability.
3. High-pressure tubing is replaced regularly every two years. When cracks, damages and shoulder swelling are found in the course of use,It should be replaced in time.
4. Check oil leakage condition of hydraulic system frequently, and repair and replace oil seal in time. Clean the inner surface of vehicle, truck box and filler daily. Check the storage level of hydraulic oil regularly, add lubricating oil to the moving parts regularly, and coat the surface of each guide rail with lubricating oil.
5. Check and adjust the working pressure of gear oil pump regularly; Check the filter element of oil filter, remove surface impurities or replace the filter element; Change the hydraulic oil regularly.
Optional chassisChina Garbagetruck