Simple Auto-temperature Control Oil Press factory

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Brief Introduction
As Chinese leading manufacturer of Cooking Oil Making Machine, over more than 30 years, with great reputation of being one of the press industries domestic leaders, our factory has more than 20 sales network in our domestic market. For exportation, we receive clients over Africa, South America, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Our annual production is around 3000 pieces, and the orders are stably increasing. Also with English & Spanish team supported, we provide you with professional & efficient service to guarantee our clients receive high-quality buying experience.
Features of Cooking Oil Making Machine
1. Automatic temperature control, vacuum filtration, three squeeze, high oil, pure color.
2. For: Olive oil, sesame, peanut, rapeseed, sunflower, and other, it is a small-scale multi-functional oil press.
3. High degree of automation, simple operation, stable quality, can be fried and sold.Simple Auto-temperature Control Oil Press factory
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