Industrial Burner

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Product Introduction:
According to the nitrogen oxide formation conditions can be determined,the main ways to reduce nox formation are to reduce flame temperature, reduce flue gas residence time in high temperature area and reduce excess air volume.In the design of burner or other burner, the following measures are mainly adopted to improve the low nitrogen.

1.Staged Combustion
On the premise that the total amount of excess air in the burner remains unchanged锛宺educe the amount of air going to the burner below the theoretical amount.The other part of the air is fed into the furnace.When a gas that is not completely burnt rises, it encounters the air above and is completely burnt.This type of combustion is called staged combustion.

2.Gas Recirculation
The low-temperature flue gas discharged from the end of the furnace is driven into the combustion air support system again,when the smoke reaches a certain amount of circulation,furnace temperature will drop further.Therefore, the yield of nitrogen oxides in flue gas will be reduced.This method is widely used in boiler combustion machine.

3. Catalytic combustion
The use of catalyst can reduce the temperature of combustion reaction,accordingly the amount of nitrogen oxides can be reduced and even eliminated.

4.Design other new burners
The design principles of the new low nitrogen burner :
*Reduce gas residence time in high temperature ignition zone and flame stabilization zone;
*Reduce the temperature of main combustion zone;
*Let the lower temperature smoke and hot combustion products mix as soon as possible;
*Maintain furnace temperature at an appropriate level.Industrial Burner